Fotopolitik Pere Ubu

Ein ständiges Problem ist die Fotopolitik von Rock- und Popbands,
Journalisten müssen mehrseitige Nutzungsverträge über ihre Fotos unterschreiben
und dürfen nur eingeschränkt über die Konzerte berichten. Und das Publikum wird
nicht selten belästigt, weil Journalisten eben nur die ersten zwei oder drei
Stücke fotografieren dürfen, den Fotografen dafür aber spezieller Raum vor der
Bühne freigehalten wird.

Ganz anders machen es Pere Ubu. Bandchef David Thoms hat die folgenden
Regeln zum Fotografieren auf Pere Ubu-Konzerten veröffentlicht:„Our policy is as
follows:1. We do not grant photo passes. All men are
created equal and endowed by Ubu Projex with certain inalienable rights, among
them life, liberty and the pursuit of photos of the band. No one individual has
any more 'right' to occupy space or have precedence. No individual has any
right to obstruct the view or pleasure of any other individual by reason of any
sort of imagined privilege.2. We do not restrict citizens of any particular
country from taking pictures for their private use and enjoyment.3. We do not restrict newspapers, blogs or similar
media from taking photos for the purpose of publishing them with reviews or
articles, as long as such photos are not then offered for sale.4. We do not grant license for agencies to sell
photos of us. If they want a license then they must hand over maximum
resolution files of the photos for our unrestricted use without any overlays of
any kind, including copyright notices.5. We don't care
about flashes as long as any other attendee of the event has no objection. If a
citizen does object then it is incumbant on the photographer to ameliorate the
situation.6. If the venue
restricts photos or flashes for their own reasons - aesthetic or otherwise -
then that is their right. But such restriction must apply across the board - no
exception may be granted to 'media elites.'“