Joe Henry

Wie lange haben wir dafür gekämpft, diesen großartigen Singer/Songwriter mal in Deutschland präsentieren zu dürfen - jetzt ist es endlich so weit:
1.6.2014 Berlin, Quasimodo (einziges Deutschlandkonzert!)

Joe Henry ist eine Legende, als Songwriter wie als Produzent. Er hat 12 Alben veröffentlicht, sein neues wird dieses Frühjahr erscheinen. Sein Song "Stop", auch in den "Sporanos" zu hören, wurde 2000 von Madonna unter dem neuen Titel "Don't Tell Me" für ihr Album "Music" aufgenommen. Joe Henry hat einige der besten Alben der letzten Jahrzehnte produziert (u.a. Solomon Burke's "Don't Give Up On Me", Elvis Costello, Loudon Wainwright III, Allen Touissant, Salif Keita, Hugh Laurie, Billie Bragg) und hat mehrere Grammys gewonnen. Der Abend ist ein MUSS für alle FreundInnen gehobener Singer/Songwriter-Kunst.

Hier, was Joe Henry selbst über seine Europatournee im Mai/Juni sagt:

Dear friends of the old world:

Greetings from the land of the eternal and hateful sun which, even on a February morning, insists on illuminating every goddam thing, whether I like it or not.

And I don’t. Even if many of you reading this are tempted to envy me the warmth of a California winter, I’ll offer in return that a little mystery and cold falling rain would go a long way with me right now. Like some of your museum’s finer paintings, I need protection from the very thing the postcards advertise, lest I crack like one of Van Gogh’s milkmaids. To that end…

I am preparing for my first significant tour of Europe in quite some time –with a crucial kick-off stop in London, and American dates to quickly follow— and look wildly forward to all of it.

By the time I see any of you in late May or early June, I will have released my new album called Invisible Hour. And I am immensely proud of it, believing as I do that it contains not only my best batch of songs to date, but offers them up in a way that I trust you will find as romantic as they are rumpled.

Though the album (my thirteenth) is performed with a full ensemble, the shows I am mounting this early summer will be performed in a fully acoustic and solo mode, essentially, since the songs not only lend themselves to lean treatment and even leaner times, but seem to beckon me, even from this distance, toward the high wire of unveiled candor. And strangely enough, as I begin to strip the new songs naked, I am finding that some very old ones –songs that I have perhaps not even heard for a dozen years, much less performed— are inviting themselves along for the ride.

I hope I may see some of you, then, as I cross our great divide in search of revelation, willing listeners, and better coffee than America is known for.

I feel like singing, suffice to say; and though I will be doing so alone, I’d prefer you keep me company in any case.

Joe Henry
South Pasadena, CA